Don’t Be Afraid of Your Driving Test

Driving Test Rescue Swindon

Failing your driving test is one of the worst feelings ever because driving is right at the top of your “to do list”, you have been thinking about it for ages, the cost of failing is not cheap and how do you tell your friends and family you have failed again. Not only do you run out of excuses but you start to doubt your own ability.

It has never been your fault

It is natural to blame others, yet inside we still lay blame squarely at our own feet but it is not your fault.

The driving test is something you should be able to pass, because it is designed so that you can pass, all you need to do is be able to meet the standard. So far in your short time of driving, no one has ever got you to that standard.

I know why you failed

I don’t know you but I know why you failed, its because you were never fully prepared and that meant you never had 100% confidence and belief in yourself, there was a chink in your armor, you knew it and it let you down every time.

Before you go into your driving test you ought to know that you are good enough, and not just hope the test goes well.

Your driving instructor should be showing your progress report card saying “look you have proven you an do it”.

You should have passed your mock test and you should be driving without needing your instructor to take action; if you can do that you know you can pass your driving test.

Let me help you, I can sort you out.

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