Driving Lessons by a Female Instructor in Swindon

Pass Your Driving Test…
…And Get On The Road

You Will Be Amazed At What A Great Driver You Will Be

Helping Everyone


Giving you the best driving habits to pass your driving test right from your first lesson.

Confidence Building

All learner drivers feel a little nervous and anxious from time to time and I have the perfect program for you to take control.

Part Trained

If you can already drive then let’s build on your current skills to get your driving licence.

Driving Test Rescue

If you have been failing your driving test on several occasions with a different driving school it is probably not your fault…

Jane Calverley

Introducing Jane

My name is Jane, yes I am a female driving instructor and I am really excited to tell you how I am going to help you pass your driving test.

You probably think that most driving schools look similar, I mean, how exactly can you tell the difference between a really good school who you would love to join, and a driving school where you are left feeling let down, ripped off and out of pocket. I can tell you there is no way of knowing the difference.

It’s more than driving lessons isn’t it?

It’s about passing your driving test, getting your full drivers licence and hitting the road. Going to places which are usually out of reach for you without having to ask for a lift.

But when you pass your driving test, it’s much more than that. I would be delighted if you asked me to help you make your future brighter…

My promise

I know I am good and that you will really enjoy learning to drive with me but I need to prove my worth to you so I am making three promises.

Money Back Guarantee

My first promise is my Money Back Guarantee, and it works like this. At the end of the lesson, if you are not entirely satisfied with your lesson, I will give you your money back. That’s fair isn’t it? Meaning there is no financial risk to you.

Pass Promise

My second promise is called the Pass Promise and if you don’t pass first time and you have been unsuccessful due to something I have not taught then I will pay for your second test. I want you to have this promise because it shows you my confidence in helping you pass your driving test.”

2-Year Warranty

The third promise is something I hope you cherish. After you have passed your driving test I am giving you a 2 year driving lesson warranty, so if you ever need me I can help you and you don’t pay a penny.

You see some pupils will not drive again for a few weeks or months until they have a car of their own, you could feel rusty. Or perhaps you want someone next to you when you drive your new car for the first time as it is probably going to be different to mine.

It is my hope that these three promises show you that I really believe I can help you and I care for my students.

There are some terms and conditions and I can tell you about them over the phone.

I am able to provide lessons to you Monday to Thursday

How To Save Money

The best way to save money is to take regular weekly lessons, at least 2 hours and don’t go skipping weeks. Also pass your theory test as early as you can as this will help you to drive and you will need less time in the car. Overall it works like this, the longer the time in between lessons the more you forget on your last lesson, thats fair to say isn’t it. You had the same issue at school with the one hour a week driving lesson.

What Other’s Say

Passing  Your Driving Test First Time

The driving test is a test to make sure you can drive unassisted without the need of an instructor next to you, so what is unassisted? Well you need to be safe, in control of the car, aware of your surroundings and obeying the laws of the road. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Therefore to help you pass your driving test first time we will have you to that standard of driving before you go into your driving test. That way you will have the right levels of preparation and you will know it. Because you know you are ready you will also have confidence to pass your driving test.

On the test you will not pass if you score any major faults but a small number of minor faults are fine. However because you will have passed mock tests with me and driven without my assistance you are not going to make any major mistakes and you will pass.

Our Certifications

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